Saturday, March 5, 2011

Early Morning Amidst The Ice And Snow

In the dark hinge of winter when all seems frozen and lost, come with me to the place where the snow has blown away and even the bitter ice is thin upon the ground. 
There I will show you why no cause is ever truly lost; there, where the ground is rimed with winter's terrible icy triumph I will point and say to you, "life will overcome." In that moment when all seems darkest and lost, when even the sun has deserted the sky and the dead branches hold up a tarnished and starless dome over a dead and frozen world, in that very moment the wheel of life begins to turn again and its rampant green victory is assured. 

The crown and bitter chains of winter will be thrown down, broken, and Spring will come again. Come with me to the place where the tender shoots grow up from frozen earth, see with me the buds stirring on the branches and hear the glad song of the birds as the welcome the longer days. 

Be here with me and feel the wheel of life turning again all around you. The sun is making its return and its light lies heavy and warm on your face and eyelids when you turn them up to the sky. 

 Soon the ice and snow will be no more for another long and fertile summer. See the beauty that the cold can add to the world, then let it go.

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